The Songs of Loss in English, it starts!

We had this project in our boxes for a long time and here we go: the translation of The Songs of Loss into English begins! It is done by Alain Coubard, who has been teaching English in a professional environment for more than 20 years and who is of course arole-playing practitioner. Our goal is to translate the game, to make it known to an international audience, then to make an edition of The Songs of Loss inEnglish.

It is a project that will take time and will not be ready for months. I think it will take about ayear. As the translations progress, you will discover, shared here freely, all the contents of the world of Loss and the rules of the game. Since we have done so in French, we will do it in English, for your pleasure and ours!

So let’s start by introducing you to the first translations! They come from The Songs of Loss Discovery Kit, so that you can discover our universe and our game as you go along.

1- What is The Songs of Loss ?

2- The world of Loss

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